butter pastel fader

We were shocked when we first saw this girl emerge from her egg. The Butter Pastel Fader was produced by crossing our Butter Pinstripe male into one of our wild-caught Pastel females and the results were up and beyond the recognizable genetics. Therefore we knew there had to be something else at work here. Upon further research and inspection of her clutchmates it became evident that the Fader gene was the missing link to this very unusual looking ball python. What we discovered was the Fader gene will rub out pattern, lighten and enhance color as well as increase blushing. All three of these qualities were the unexplained traits that we noticed within this girl’s appearance. We also learned that the Fader morph exhibits a unique head and neck pattern, which was discovered on one of her clutchmates. There is still very little known about this gene but one thing is for certain and that is we’re thrilled to have it within our collection and are excited to introduce it into more of our breeding projects.

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