Published by paul

Well that's what I thought was meant to happen, seems like the Canadian winter likes to drag its' heel a little longer this year!

Despite the cold weather and the 10cm of snow we got last Wednesday, things are looking hot for this years breeding at The Urban Reptile. The leopard gecko eggs are coming thick and fast, with the fatties and cresteds filing the incubators all too quickly :)

Ball python females are ovulating, and the boas are not far behind.

Perhaps one of the more exciting things to happen over the winter, was the expansion into our second building. As much as we would have loved to fill it wall to wall with more crazy morphs, the business decision was made to turn the 3000sq ft into a rodent breeding facility. This will make our lives so much easier. No more waiting on weekly deliveries and having the chance to feed our entire collection with rodents raised with our own strict standards will be a huge advantage to us as we move forward with our ever growing collection.

Speaking of our collection, we have recently added some amazing Asian ratsnakes to the Urban family, we'll be posting pics of them in the very near future, so be to sure to check our facebook page to see daily updates on what we get up to.

'til next time happy spring!


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