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Welcome to our frequently asked question section. Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions that are received here at The Urban Reptile. Should you not find the answer to your question please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yes we can accept Electronic Money Transfers in Canada, you can send them to us at

Don't forget to send us the password!

Yes we take Paypal, our paypal address is

The most cost efficient way to receive your animals if you are in the UK is to either pick them up at the Hamm show or have a courier pick them up for you.  Shipping to Hamm is a flat rate of 50 Euros per non-CITES animal and 75 per CITES animal.

If you need a courier to get your animals to the UK we can help you arrange that and the cost is typically around 55 GBP per shipment, but depends where you live.  Contact us if you have additional questions.

In the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter you may have to be a little patient until we get weather that will be safe for your reptile to be shipped in.  We won't risk the safety of the animals to get a shipment our fast.

We do have a minimum order size but it depends where you live.  In Canada and the US we have a minimum size of $200 before shipping.  For the Hamm show there is no mimimum order size.  International orders outside of North America typically have a mimimum order size of $2,000.

Yes we can do payment plans.  We typically require a 25% non-refundable deposit, or $100 (which ever is greater) and full payment within 60 days.  Contact us directly if you are interested.

We would love to help everyone out with their questions on morph identification but we just don't have the resources to, unless of course it is about a gecko you purchased from us. 

We ship using UPS from New York state directly to your door.  We ship for a morning delivery as long as it is available for your addresss. We ship using Reptile Express  - Fed Ex service.

We will ship right to your door using UPS if we can get a next day delivery for your address.  If you are in an area where we can't get next day delivery we will ship to the closest airport that Air Canada services.

Yes we can arrange for free local pick up.  We typically arrange to meet in the Pickering or Markham area.  Please contact us to make arrangements.

Any orders placed outside of North America are shipped using the live animal shipping services of the various airlines.   All animals are packed safely and securely and travel in temperature controled areas to ensure their safety.  We can provide any paperwork you require to import your shipment including CITES and Health Certificates. 

Yes!  If you purchase any of our reptiles we can have them shipped to the next Hamm show for you.  We work with a well established European shop to import our geckos and we charge a flat rate for shipping of 50 Euros per non-CITES animal and 75 Euros per CITES animal.  The shipping charge is payable when you pick your order up.  If you are looking to order a group of geckos contact us for a group price.  Please email us if you have any additional questions.

We’re happy to hear from you so we encourage you to contact us by email at   You can also text or call us at 416 518 1074, but because we are often working in the facility email or text is often the best way of contacting us.

We will never knowingly put one of our reptiles at risk. We’ve shipped thousands of reptiles worldwide over the years and we’ve always made their safety and well-being our number one priority. To ensure this, we take the up must care so as to make certain that their journey to you is safe and comfortable.

Our online store is always open but we do not have a retail store that is open to the public.  If you are in the Toronto area we can meet you for free pick up so you can avoid the delivery chagre.  Please just contact us to arrange.  

Absolutely, we stand behind our animals 100%, we cover your new pet with an industry leading 30 day health guarantee.

Yes we will be at all of the Toronto Reptile Expos and the Canadian Reptile and Breeder Expo held at the International Center.  These are great shows and we will have a wide selections of reptiles to pick from.  Be sure to stop by to visit us.  

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